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Based on the thirty-year experience of Razi Metallurgical Research Center, the possibility of implementation of industrial projects is prepared. Since the RMRC consists of three specialized groups:
1- Identification and selection of materials
2- Casting
3- Corrosion and coating
Therefore, research projects and industrial projects on the same basis are mentioned in professional groups. The main areas of activity in the identification and selection of materials department include design and development of technology of metallic and non-metallic parts through reverse engineering, design and selection of proper alloy intended for specific applications and working conditions, optimization of the production process in order to extend the life-cycle of industrial components, assessing damage and residual life estimation for industrial components are among the projects that are performed in this group. The main casting department’s projects are in the field of production of technical knowledge to produce parts by casting process, inspection and quality control of heavy and super heavy castings, design castings, production technology and pilot production of a casting product. Production of calibration samples for Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) devices made of cast iron, steel, aluminum and colored metals are such activities performed in this researching group. In corrosion and coating department, industrial projects in the field of investigating the causes of corrosion, ways to prevent metals from corroding, technical development of wear-resistant coating or industrial corrosion and similar cases are defined and implemented.

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