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Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

RMRC' simulation department by taking advantage of qualified experts, in various fields (materials science, mechanics, etc.) based on over 30 years of industry experience is capable of providing services in the field of engineering simulation.
Computer Aided Engineering or CAE is in fact, the use of computer software for the analysis of complex engineering problems. CAE technology evaluates models or geometry that has already been created by the CAD or Computer Aided Design. This allows the engineer to simulate the model behavior, in practical conditions.
One of the most familiar solution methods in CAE is Finite Element Method analysis or FEM. This method can be used to calculate the stress, deformation, heat transfer, etc.

Services provided:
• Simulation of mechanical stress
• Simulation of thermal stress
• Simulation of heat treatment residual stress
• Welding process simulation
• Simulation of welding residual stress
• crack growth simulation

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